IBUKI: Ontologies and Taxonomies

IBUKI: Ontologies and Taxonomies

IBUKI Web Sites

Since 1994 IBUKI has used its software and SemanticDB to developed and maintaines several content directed web sites and several e-commerce sites:

Content and Reference Sites

  • Speculum Mundi - Mirror of the World. The goal of this site is to be an edited collection of subject information. Although it supports search it is a directory, not a search engine. The Speculum Mundi content is available as a web service, but at present we are not licensing this content.
  • Espejo del Mundo - Explore Mexico. This is a new site for IBUKI and is aimed at giving Mexican immigrants a link to back home, This site will contain informational content, social networking content, and travel information. It is both in Spanish and English.
  • Mundi for Kids This site covers the California K-5 history and social sciences curriculum. It includes information organized by the California State Standards and uses personalization techniques to customize the site for students, teachers, parents and admin functionality, both by teacher preference and geography. This was necessary because some curriculum is about local issues.
  • Kid's Directory Elementary schools are required by law to limit web access to "acceptable" sites. This directory is organized by grade level and includes pedogological sites.
  • Kid's Science/Art/... These sites cover topics organized for young people. It is like Speculum Mundi but contains sites that are oriented toward younger viewers.
  • Cooking Portal This is a site we built in conjunction with The Golden Egg, the IBUKI gourmet food site. It is a site that retrives and filters search engine results in real time, adds IBUKI content and displys the results to users.
  • LIBRiSCAN A site that will make an antiquarian bookseller a turnkeey site, including inventory management (including sending inventory availability to other resale sites (like Ebay and Bibliofind), catalogue production and shopping cart, ... This software is not being marketed at present but has bookdealers who are still using it.e

E-Commerce Sites

  • The Golden Egg A gourmet food store on the web specializing in the highest quality fresh products delivered overnight, never frozen. If you need to cook a suckling pig - tell us the size you want and when you want it! and we deliver.
  • Revere Collections An arts and crafts site that sells one of a kind artisan products. At one time this was a major reseller of art quilts.
  • IBUKI Trading Post A site for toys and games, At one time we were the largest seller of Go books and equipmtment on the web.
  • SCIAM A document delivery system that specializes in Scientific American articles. Covers all articles since January 1900.