IBUKI: Ontologies and Taxonomies

IBUKI: Ontologies and Taxonomies

IBUKI Text Analytics

What is text analysis? Imagine you have 2000 recipes on your web site and you want to determine which cookbooks you should advertize on each recipe page. Questions you might ask are: what is its main dish; is it an ethnic recipe; what are the main ingredients; what preparation techniques are used; and what cooking tools are needed? The web services are able to answer these types of questions for creating better user experience on a website.

In any Web 3.0 environment, whether you are building a social networking site and want to understand the meanng of your users profiles or are designing an information site where you need to categorize new articles and blog entries, there is a constant flow of text that needs to be understood to adaquately service your users. The IBUKI TextAnalysis Web Services can satisfy this need.    see some use cases here >>

Solving Specific Problems

Increase Income from Associates Programs

IBUKI Associate-Helper is a service that will take the URL of a web page and return a set of associates program ads that are revelant to the content of the page.

This is a new form of contextual advertizing that looks at a text and determines what individual products are most related to the meaning of the text. This service will improve and automate the quality of the associate ads shown on your pages and should increase the conversion rate of your associate ads.

       automates the process of choosing associates program ads
       finds products based on the meaning of the page - not simply keywords

The use of this service to choose the ads to put on your site is enough value added to justify its cost

Improve Web Site Search Experience

IBUKI Search-Helper is a web service for query expansion, that substantially improves the precision of search. Using Search-helper will increase user satisfaction with a web site's search results. Other uses include: improvinging the precision of e-discovery data bases and corporate internal web sites. Search-Helper uses IBUKI ontologies in conjunction with the Hewett Research KB Manager to discover semantic relationships between a query and the possible results of data base search. (this service is currently unavailable)

Web Services

Entity Identification

   find out more >>

Collecting, Storing and Analyzing Data

The web has made everyone into a user of dozens of computer applications. Corporate IT departments are no longer the primary consumers of corporate data. This move from corporate data to user information has changed the questions an application must answer. Questions about simple data like - "What is John's salary?" have turned into questions relating to the meaning of the data - "Find me all the video's about 'toothpaste'." or "What is Juan Diego's tilma?" or "Find me help for my fourth grader's report on Mercy Otis Warren." or "Keep me informed about what's happening in the Mountain View real estate market."

These new questions mean that the content of a database needs to change from simple scalar data to structured records that represent the things of interest to an application and the interrelations that exist among them. IBUKI offers SemanticDB, enabling software for companys developing applications that require a semantic understanding of the underlying data.