IBUKI: Ontologies and Taxonomies

IBUKI: Ontologies and Taxonomies

IBUKI Software Products

This page list only those products that IBUKI has available for licensing and does not include internal tools or all the software subsystems that IBUKI uses for its own purposes. From time to time IBUKI adds to this list. IBUKI has over 1000 outstanding licensees using IBUKI software for internal use. These including many fortune 500 companies; partners who remarket IBUKI software, that is, are enabled to relicense IBUKI products; and companies that include derived works based on IBUKI software products in their own products for resale.

IBUKI Modeling Tools

IBUKI Modeling Language: IBML

The IBUKI Modeling Language — IBML is a language for describing complex objects including computers, networks, interconnected network devices, controlled vocabularies, taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies. This language can be used describe and solve (using OMB below) complex logical constraints among the parts of the objects described. We and our licensees are currently using this language to model dynamic scenarios like on going e-mail conversations; developing organizational structure (companies or circles of common interest), financial instruments (contract, bonds, derivatives, ...), internet standards (e.g. DCMI...), etc. These models are embedded in complex real time data collection systems. See IMB below.

IBUKI Model Builder: IMB

IBUKI Model Builder is a complete system for constructing IBML Models (see IBML above) and using them for data mining and constraint applications.

  • An interactive systems for populating and refining the IBML models
  • A constraint engine and classifications modules using LSA, (hidden) Markov models and Bayesian network model. A sample use of this system is to populate databases of continually changing sources, e.g. The CIA world fact book is now updates monthly. Our software tracks this. In addition this site provides current controlled vocabularies for international organizations, illicit drugs, ...

IBUKI Programming Tools

The IBUKI Data Cache

The IBUKI Data Cache is a data base system that is used in two primary ways: as part of web sites that need particuliarly fast response time; and it contains an API for use in applications where embedded data bases and small footprints are requirements, e.g. cell phones. This is a mature application that has been running IBUKI web sites for more than 10 years.

The IBUKI Common Lisp Compiler

A Common Lisp compiler IBCL (IBUKI Common Lisp) is a Full Common Lisp development environment. IBCL can be licensed with a addon, called CONS, that is can output any Common Lisp functionality as a c-linkable module. CONS has has been used as the enabling technology to build products that produce real time data mining filters on streams and embedded data bases. It has also been used to build SEUS and IMB (described below).


SEUS is a multi-tasking multi-processing distributed continuation based message passing small footprint computing system that does not require an operating system to run. It is used for embedding distributed processing capabilities into both embedded system and other applictions. It has a subsystem IBUKI calls INET which provides reliable datagram service using TCP/IP.


ARC is an SGML like language for representing information including text, controlled vocabularies and dictionaries in a presentation independent format with the capability of formatted data in any reasonable format: XML, Plain Text, NITF... This system is the archival target of an extensive high accuracy optical character recognition, OCR, system used internally by IBUKI.

E-commerce Software

IBUKI runs several e-commerce sites. In general we do not license this software as we are not in the business of building web sites for external customers, but it contains over 100000+ lines of code for running e-commerce websites including product management, data bases, shopping carts, interaction with vendors, supply chain management, ...