IBUKI: Ontologies and Taxonomies

IBUKI: Ontologies and Taxonomies

IBUKI Linguistic Data

IBUKI licenses a diverse collection of linguistic data.

  • Controlled Vocabularies
    • Broad subject coverage
    • Authority Files for many subjects
  • Taxonomiy and Ontology Data
    • Hierarchical relationships between terms
    • Horizontal relationships between terms
    • Attributes of terms
  • Dictionaries
    • Faceted organization of terms
    • Sense disambiguation information
    • Maps to IBUKI Category Hierarchy
  • Glossaries
    • Includes definitions

Controlled Vocabularies

IBUKI Controlled Vocabularies

International Standards

Publicly Available Data

Taxonomy and Ontology Data

Our existing portfolio of taxonomic data includes products in five areas: taxonomies for corporate compliance, e-discovery and litigation, web site navigation - community, e-commerce, cooking and travel; biographical data; and subject-oriented ontologies.

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IBUKI Basic Category Hierarchy

Dictionary Data


Dictionaries related to Food

Glossary Data


The vocabularies of Each of these can be delivered in the form of a controlled vocabulary.

Corporate Compliance and E-Discovery

Today it is essential for companies to classify corporate information not only to inprove the quality of intra-company search but also to monitor and understand the risks and liabilities that can result from employee use and misuse of company information. In the extreme case a company needs both protection against litigation and to be prepared to defend itself against law suits.

IBUKI sells taxonomies and ontologies that can be used for both corporate compliance and litigation support. The idea of our corporate compliance products is to allow a company to classify corporate information from the point of view of compliance with corporate policy. The idea of our litigation support products is to facilitate forensic search through existing corporate documents and communications to understand the scope of any legal issues should litigation occur.

Some issues involve compliance with laws that impose restrictions on the flow of corporate information. These take many forms:

  • Government mandated reporting
  • Government mandates privacy requirements
  • Hostile workplace rules
  • Illegal activity - like drug dealing

Others simply involve corporate policy like:

  • No pornography on company time
  • No political advocacy on company time
  • No gambling on company time
  • Drug Free Company policy
These may not be illegal per se but are part of the rules that an employee agrees to as a requiremrnt of employment. The rules are usually described in a company employee handbook or some similiar document.

IBUKI Content

Taxomonies, Thesauri, and Ontologies

IBUKI taxonomy products are extensive. They include taxonomies for corporate compliance, including company policies, federal regulations, inappropriate llanguage: profanity, taboo subjects, sexual content, discriminatory language, drug talk, IM bad words, phrases (both noun and verb phrases). These taxonomies, organizedied in different ways, are offered for litigation support and e-discovery. The IBUKI tools for taxonomy manipulation include: using phrases as templates (proprietary trade secret technology), personal names, geographical regions; biographical information; food - basic food, prepared products, equipment and food nutrition, ... This is just a small sample of the IBUKI taxonomy products. Please contact us for a more detailed product list.


IBUKI has internal controlled vocabularies of over 3,000,000+ terms/nodes (not counting geography) including biographical information. Many of these terms/nodes come with definitions, pointers to relevant web sites, information about related products and the intellectual property meta data necessary to understand our publication rights with respect to this information. The IBUKI data base includes subject information, biographical information, graphical media including images and video, audio, top level organizations for personal interests, consumer interests, academic interests, and various focused sub-classifications: classified advertising categories, news categories, Speculum Mundi categories. IBUKI also maintaines controlled vocabularies for major data standards, e.g. ISO-8601 (date and time) or ISO-639 (language names), ...