IBUKI: Natural Language, Dictionaries

IBUKI: Ontologies and Taxonomies

Threading the Maze of Unstructured Data

IBUKI products have a common theme: we specialize in providing software, web services and structured taxonomic and linguistic data that we license for use on websites and use in software products that index, process, organize and search unstructured text and multi-media data.

IBUKI's mission is to be the leading source for text based taxonomic, ontological and linguistic databases and associated embedded software subsystems.

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IBUKI Text Analytics

Semantic Text Analysis

The IBUKI TextAnalysis Web Service is the gateway to using our text analytics engine to analyze and structure information that is locked in the documents in corporate databases or on the web.

This web service is a general text analysis tool. Some use cases are contextual advertizing, catagorization, query enhancement, electronic discovery, content filtering, increasing income from associate programs.    find out more >>

Entity Identification

The IBUKI EntityID Web Service takes a text as input and answers the question "What things are named in this text?". If you send it the text 'Louis Armstrong' it will send back 'American `jazz musician'. Of course, the web service returns this information in some standard format, e.g., XML or CVS.    find out more >>

IBUKI Linguistic Data

Semantic Data Base

The IBUKI SemanticDB contains well over 10,000,000 terms. IBUKI licenses custom subsets of this content to market leaders where search, indexing, classification, catagorization, portal organization or content filtering is an essential component of their products. These data sets can be configured as web services, dictionaries, taxonomies or ontologies delivered in any convenient standard format.

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Controlled Vocabularies

A controlled Vocabulary is a collection of terms that are related to a single subject. These range from extremely small vocabularies like 'names for days of the week' to extensive lists like 'occupations' or 'all present and historical members of congress' or 'family names'. These can be ordered individually or in groups.    find out more >>

Taxonomy and Ontology Data

Taxonomy and Ontology data differes from controlled vocabularies in that a Taxonomy will be organzed into a hierarchy of catagories appropriate to the subject of the taxonomy. Ontologies add to this hierarchical structure by including both attributes for terms and relations between terms.    find more information and exanples >>

Dictionary and Glossary Data

This portfolio of IBUKI semantic data includes general taxonomies for corporate compliance, e-discovery and litigation, web site organization, navigation and search, geography, authority files, biographical information and subject-oriented ontologies. IBUKI can also provide glossaries on a variety of subjects.    find out more >>

Other IBUKI Products

In addition to IBUKI's focus on text processing and ontologies, IBUKI offers products in two other areas: licensed software systems, finantial analytics and software forensics.    find out more >>