IBUKI: Ontologies and Taxonomies

IBUKI: Ontologies and Taxonomies

IBUKI Software Forensics

IBUKI Software Forensics specializes in one thing

         we analyze computer software

Our mission is to help lawyers win trade secret, copyright and patent litigation involving software.

Our methodology is to find the relavant facts of a case, produce the most technologically comprehensive and accurate analysis of the software involved and present the results in a way that cannot be questioned by experts and is understandable to lawyers, judges and juries.

Our expertise ranges from mainframe and legacy systems to the latest technologies - Java, XML, mobile applications, Ruby on Rails, ...

We have both academic knowledge and practical commercial design, development and programming experience. Our two principles and our associates have been active in Silicon Valley since the early 1960s, have more that 130 years of collective experience and over 150 publications (both academic and commercial). We know "everything" about the history and development of software ideas, languages and proceedures - what was invented when, who did it (our rolodex has their phone numbers and they answer our calls), and where these ideas were first published.

We collectively have written hundreds of thousands of lines of programming code for a wide variety of applications using many programming languages.

You should hire us because

  • We have the technical and analytic experience to understand the most complex software systems.
  • We have the experience necessary to articulate results at every level; and
  • We have the understanding, maturity and intensity necessary to make critical contributions to winning cases.

Please contact IBUKI if your company could benefit from IBUKI's software forensics.