IBUKI: Ontologies and Taxonomies

IBUKI: Ontologies and Taxonomies


IBUKI products have a common theme: we specialize in providing software, web services and structured taxonomic and linguistic data that we license for use on websites and by software products that index, process, organize and search unstructured text and multi-media data.

IBUKI's mission is to be the leading source for taxonomic, ontological and morphological databases and related embedded software subsystems.

Our products leverage our expertise and knowledge in three areas: experience with content acquisition, a deep understanding of knowledge representation systems, and our rich backlist of complex symbolic processing software.

The number of terms in the IBUKI SemanticDB well over 10,000,000. IBUKI's business is to supply content and text analytics to market leaders in areas where search, indexing, classification, catagorization, portal organization or content filtering is an essential component of their products.

Our text analytics web services include both specific use case services and and general textual analysis. Our existing portfolio of linguistic and taxonomic data sets cover controlled vocabularies, subject oriented taxonomy and ontological data, dictionaries configured for linguistic analysis and more recently glossaries.

We are now actively seeking partners who would like offer IBUKI taxonomy and ontology data sets or IBUKI web services to their customers.

If you are interested in becoming a partner please contact IBUKI.

Our Background

IBUKI is a self-funded business that was founded in 1985. We started life as an AI (artificial intelegence) company, one of the three leading companies that sold Common Lisp compilers. IBUKI has been both a product-oriented and an e-commerce company. In addition, we took some time out to create a free content web site that was to fully cover the California History and Social Sciences curriculum for K-5 elementary schools. This was initially an internally funded "public service" activity that failed to secure long term external corporate sponsorship.

IBUKI was founded by Richard Weyhrauch who has 35+ years of experience in Artificial Intelligence and the application of symbolic processing techniques to commercial applications. He is the author of more than 80 publications in a wide variety of fields. His biography is available on request. IBUKI has an extensive network of developers available to design and implement sophisticated text-intensive applications.

Other IBUKI Products

When IBUKI was started in 1982 its mission was to develop and market artificial intelligence software, including the Common Lisp compiler IBCL. Since then we have developed an extensive portfolio of fundamental technology and associated software. IBUKI licenses this software, enabling startup projects and companies to accelerate their time to market with a simple buy vs build decision. The areas of application include:

  • Small footprint embedded data-handling/database functionality
  • Data mining applications
  • Distributed applications based on message passing
  • Product configuration tools and applications
  • API definition and design
  • Programming/scripting languages design
  • Interactive interpreters for custom languages
  • Compilation of the above into C-linkable libraries

Please contact IBUKI if your company could benefit from IBUKI's experience in any of these areas.